Investment Management

With fund managers setting-up multi-jurisdiction funds to host a global investor base to make investments into assets worldwide, the investment management industry is a sweet-spot for complexity on applicable rules on taxation and regulation. Combining our industry experience and fund tax expertise, the Taxand team is a trusted partner to fund managers and (institutional) investors alike in setting-up and reviewing global fund structures.

Acknowledging the relevance of legal and regulatory aspects throughout our advice, we are used to operate in a multi-disciplinary team effort – seamlessly teaming up with regulatory and legal business partners.

Services to Fund Managers

We assist fund managers in the design, implementation and monitoring of fund structures, both in public (bonds, equities) and private (private equity, real estate, infrastructure) asset classes. Acknowledging the variety how investors come together, we have broad experience both in funds, joint ventures, club deals and separate accounts. In cooperation with our employment team, we also provide tax advice to fund management on the management structure and carried interest schemes.

Services to Investors

We assist investors – up to the largest institutional pension funds – in reviewing and managing their global alternative investments. Leveraging on years of (inhouse) experience, the team provides practical advice – basically operating as your external inhouse counsel.