Compensation tax

Income tax, social security and wage tax compliance requirements are becoming increasingly complex and are constantly changing. Companies need to ensure that their global remuneration policy is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements wherever their employees are working. Global tax compliance and tax efficient incentive plans are vital if the maximum value is to be achieved for both employers and employees. Our Compensation Tax team provides proactive advice on compensation and employee retention plans, wage and income tax compliance services, cross border tax and social security advice.

Practical advice that works

The nature of employee compensation means that operational accuracy and compliance is essential. Errors can be costly as they result in reputational damage as well as financial loss. As tax authorities across the globe increasingly co-operate with each other, disclosure demands are increasing, and tax and social security rates rise worldwide, companies need to take even greater care to achieve cross border compliance. Our Compensation team provides a hands-on service to ensure your compliance works in practice not just in theory, wherever you deploy your people.