Sustainable investing

Climate change and sustainability have grown into major political and social themes and have moved towards issues that can simply not be ignored. Corporate social responsibility is a topic that investors and board room members are valuing ever more highly. In light of corporate social responsibility more and more companies integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into their strategy. Sustainable investing or impact investing is key to help in solving environmental challenges.

Driven by this vision as well to seek a financial return, a number of investors shifted their investment strategy to impact investing.

As we share this vision it is our mission to support investors who are engaged in impact investing. Taxand chose to incorporate sustainable investing in its strategy for offering M&A tax services. Taxand also has dedicated teams with, inter alia, specific knowledge about start ups and scale ups as well as energy transition. Combining the strength of dedicated professionals, the various services we have to offer and the Taxand global network, Taxand is your perfect partner for sustainable investing.