Indirect tax

Our Indirect Tax team covers two main areas: VAT and International Trade & Customs.

Indirect Tax impacts businesses and non-businesses at every level as it relates to all purchases and sales. It is therefore key to get it right. And “getting it right” has become even more important. Not only to protect business margins but also to adequately manage your stakeholders, including the tax authorities. Being compliant has meanwhile become a core value of the majority of businesses. The concept of “being compliant” can however be debated as it can include many things. A business should of course pay its dues and pay them timely. Or perhaps there is VAT refund potential that could be unlocked. What is due exactly and when might not always be that clear, especially since indirect tax laws and case law are subject to continuous change and revised interpretation. Within this unclarity, Taxand Netherlands would be pleased to assist you and lead the way. This is irrespective of whether you have a need for advice, a potential dispute to manage (such as tax court litigation), would need tax audit or other assistance. As part of the global Taxand organization, we are equipped to deal with your VAT and other Indirect Tax assignments at both national and international level.